Saturday, October 8, 2011

Top 10 key differences between Pages and Profiles

A small-business owner recently asked me why they should consider creating a Page for their business instead of simply using their personal Profile.

This is an interesting topic because I see not a few small business owners using their personal profile to promote their business. This is a huge mistake. But before we talk about the pros and cons, let's define what each is.

When people first start a Facebook account, they are typically creating a personal account which has a Profile. Normally, they use it for personal reasons like keeping connected to Friends and family. They must make "friend requests" with other people who also have personal accounts on Facebook, and they have to wait till the other person approves their friend request. In addition, they themselves must respond to friend requests.

Anyone who has a personal account or Profile can create a separate Page (also called a Fan Page) that is related to their profile. This is not a separate account ... you use your regular login to access any Page you create. You can create as many Pages as you wish. And those pages could be for anything in which you feel you have an interest or would enjoy promoting; such as your business.

So what are the Top 10 key differences between a Profile and a Page especially as it relates to your business or cause? Here is the list:

Monday, September 26, 2011

How to engage your fans ... it comes from the heart!

Here is an example of a non-profit that simply said "thank you" to its fans. The company is called "" and here is what's remarkable, and probably should not be, about this video:
  • It comes from the heart ... it's not fake
  • They recognize that they are speaking to real people
  • It tells fans the effect they have on the organization and confirms that they are making a difference
  • It connects with fans at an emotional level
  • It let's fans see that there are also real people "behind the page"
  • It reminds fans about the important mission of the organization (it comes in the credits at the end)
  • It reminds fans that it's about them's not about you
Mark Horvath, founder of sure knocked the ball out of the park with this one. Do you have a video like this on your fan page? It is one way to move casual fans up the relationship scale to becoming advocates for your brand or your non-profit! Enjoy:

Facebook is just for teens ... NOT!

First they were babbling on cellphones and then they were texting. Then came the phase when they were listening to music on iPods and then iPhones. Even taking photos of their uncool parents. Now your kids spend their every waking hour on Facebook ... sharing pictures, music, making new friends. Not to mention, electronically torturing each other.

That doesn't mean that your kids and their friends are the only ones using Social Media. It only happens appears that way because children are the most receptive to new technologies. Thy are the early adopters. They do kiddie type things with technology.

Look deeper imagine the serious things you can do with Social Media ... as well as the not so serious. Social Media is simply a vehicle. The old round-dial telephone was Social Media, if you think about how it was used, wasn't it? It just so happens that that era of technology doesn't seem as cool now as it probably did then.

The serious applications you can use with Social Media help you to leverage your business if it's done right and a manner consistent with your business strategy. The not-so-serious applications help you to put a human face on the people behind the page. This is a lesson in engagement. Don't build your Facebook page like a child, but use it like one!

And if you were curious about who uses Social Media and for what, check out the graphic by Community 102.

How do you feel about the potential for Social Media in your business? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.