Monday, September 26, 2011

How to engage your fans ... it comes from the heart!

Here is an example of a non-profit that simply said "thank you" to its fans. The company is called "" and here is what's remarkable, and probably should not be, about this video:
  • It comes from the heart ... it's not fake
  • They recognize that they are speaking to real people
  • It tells fans the effect they have on the organization and confirms that they are making a difference
  • It connects with fans at an emotional level
  • It let's fans see that there are also real people "behind the page"
  • It reminds fans about the important mission of the organization (it comes in the credits at the end)
  • It reminds fans that it's about them's not about you
Mark Horvath, founder of sure knocked the ball out of the park with this one. Do you have a video like this on your fan page? It is one way to move casual fans up the relationship scale to becoming advocates for your brand or your non-profit! Enjoy:

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